Alliance for the integral implementation of Lean Management

GestLean Consulting and Cadepa Global P. have agreed to collaborate in order to offer their clients an integral Lean Management implementation service.

Who are we


Lead companies and organizations from all over the world on the path of operational excellence through:

Our Vision

We want to be an active part in our society improvement.

We currently work in more than 12 countries, with local teams in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and England.

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“The species that most survive are not the strongest ones,
neither the smartest ones, but the best adapted to a change ones”

Charles Darwin

Our services


We carry out the strategic and operational diagnosis, define the improvement itinerary, transform your organization with you by developing improvement workshops, consolidate activities to achieve sustainable results in your organization, and design your own Continuous Improvement Management System (VMS – Value Management System). And all this, with our senior consultants, junior consultants and Lean Implant engineers.


We adapt the training programs to your needs, and we carry out them in the most practical way (“learning by doing”), maximizing the participation of the attendees to ensure an appropriate transfer of our knowledge.


Our agreement with Cadepa Global P. allows us to offer you all the necessary material to carry out your Lean transformation.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

We design and implement visual management solutions to simplify the daily management of your company and guarantee, throughout its entirety, the performance of the value chain.

We work with you to meet the challenge of Lean 4.0 transformation of your company.

La transformació Lean 4.0 de la teva empresa.
Outsourcing Engineers Lean
Outsourcing Engineers Lean

We provide the collaboration of our Lean engineers, always supervised by our consultants, to ensure compliance with the objectives of your organization in the field of process engineering and continuous improvement.


Action fields

Lean Exchanges

Lean Experience Exchange Days

GestLean Consulting offers the opportunity to get acquainted with Lean Management through visits to the facilities of some of its Clients. These visits will share their experiences in the Lean transformation, the benefits of Lean Management as a management system, and the keys to be taken into account in driving cultural change.

Lean experience exchange day in SACOPA SAU

Lean experience exchange day in CEPEX


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to get far, go with somebody”

African Proverb